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Sitting at a desk for prolonged periods often results in lower back, shoulder, and neck pain.
Repetitive motion injuries are also common among office workers. Long work hours, high
stress levels and the increased competitiveness of a typical work environment results in anxiety,
tension headaches, and less-than-peak performance.

                                                   There is an answer for these workplace ills—on-site corporate chair massage!

Employee Benefit News (May 2004) stated chair massage can reduce pain and fatigue
and has been shown to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation while at the same time
enhancing alertness.

A study conducted by the Touch Research Institutes found that recipients of chair massage
showed an increase in speed and accuracy on math computations and exhibited lowered
job stress. Massage also appears to improve morale and alleviate depression as well as
reduce absence and illness.
Documentation shows that for every dollar a company spends
on health it receives a $5 return. A scheduled program of preventative maintenance
outweighs the costs of treatments after the fact, and is more beneficial due to consistency.

Hospitals, private firms, auto dealerships, state offices and many other companies are using
corporate chair massage for the benefit of the workforce as well as the company.

 We are also available for Parties and Open Houses. Add a unique touch to your

About Chair Massage

·     It is a seated massage that takes place at your location so no time is lost in transit. Privacy or quiet is not needed.

·     Sessions typically last from 10 to 20 minutes—the length of a typical work break. The therapist will utilize acupressure, Swedish massage and a variety of modalities to relieve tension.

·     Clients are seated upright in a special massage chair.

·     The chair is lightweight, portable, and small enough to set up almost anywhere without disrupting normal office flow.

·     It is adjustable to accommodate all sizes of clients and positions them in a way that allows complete relaxation for the release of tension.

·     Clients remain fully clothed, no oils are used, and appearance is not disturbed so they can return to work immediately.


Occasions for use:

Reward for a job well done


Employee appreciation

Just because....


Some of the companies that are benefiting from On-site Chair Massage:

American Airlines, Chase Cards, Bank of America, Restonic Mattress Co., Merrill Lynch


We have also found much success in helping you to promote your business at trade show and fund raising events.

Get noticed, stand out let us create a crowd for you.

There is special pricing for this type of service. Call for details.

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