Stacy Payne is a Missouri State Licensed Massage Therapist who has been successfully practicing massage therapy and bodywork within the Tri-State area and abroad for over thirteen years. He is the owner of Springfield Massage Works, LLC located in Springfield, Missouri.  He has enjoyed a privileged affiliation to some of the world’s largest gyms, entertainment companies, performing arts academies, area hospitals and care facilities. These affiliations have brought him in contact with some of the world’s finest athletes, performers, entertainers and clients since 1995.  His devotion, experience and knowledge in the field of Massage and Body Work include:

A 1995 graduate of the Professional Massage Training Center (PMTC); and

Extensive training in Swedish massage, neuromuscular therapy, deep tissue massage, stretching, sports and work-related issues.

In addition to a 650 hour Massage Therapy Certification, Stacy has studied complex areas of ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY for the purpose of neuromuscular therapy. His strong background in deep muscle release and neuromuscular therapy along with structural bodywork has made for a very powerful therapeutic practice.

Since opening his private practice years ago, Stacy has gained a vast amount of experience and has had the opportunity to treat lots of clients throughout his career. With thousands of success stories from clients.

 "My experiences have afforded me a deep understanding of the therapist’s role in assisting clients to reach optimum performance.”

Stacy’s massage technique is very specific to fascia (connective tissue) and muscle-skeletal dysfunctions that are exhibited by clients. Most of Stacy’s clients and patients call his technique unique and extremely therapeutic compared to many other therapists they have used throughout the world.  He refers to this project as:  UNEQ Payne Relief

Over the last 14 years, Stacy has documented and researched many cases, all in an effort to better understand the body and its related dysfunctions. This experience and education has aided him in developing and expanding his therapeutic knowledge, which has allowed him to refine many of the techniques he employs today in order to better serve his clients. He keeps extensive progress notes on each of his clients’ ailments and treatments in order to provide them with specific relief.

I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with lots of clients and I am very thankful to have gained experience working with people and clients all over the world and from different walks of life.  -  Thank You.”

"My understanding of body mechanics and the impact they have on muscular conditions has allowed me to foster a successful working relationship with chiropractors, orthopedists and physical therapists throughout my career.”

My goal is to provide great pricing on professional massage and bodywork with your specific therapeutic goal in mind. 


Stacy is an active volunteer in several groups and charitable organizations around the Ozarks, which he feels provides him with various experiences and a sense of community.  Just a few of the organizations Stacy has contributed his time to and, also, would like to express special thanks to, are the following:


Muscular Dystrophy Society (MS)                              Project Hope     

Habitat for Humanity                                                APO

The Red Cross

Hulston Cancer Center

        Cox women center

        Big Brother


Thank you for the opportunity to serve your therapeutic need.


Your Friend and owner of Springfield Massage Works,

Stacy Payne, LMT

My mission is that the people who come to me will leave with their bodies in better shape than when they walked into my clinic.

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