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General Health Questionnaire: On your first appointment there will be a general health form to complete. This form will help inform us about your current state of health. An initial consultation between you and your practitioner will then take place to discuss your treatment and any concerns you might have.

Modesty: Making you feel extremely comfortable is our goal. You will not be asked to expose yourself beyond the point at which you are comfortable, nor will you be asked to accept any treatment which has not been explained to you or, which you do not choose to accept. You may need to undress for therapy, but your practitioner will drape you with a sheet so that they have access only to that portion of your body on which they will be working. Draping options will be presented and explained for your comfort and information. It is possible to work on a patient who is dressed, however, this may restrict the type of therapy you can receive, or itís effectiveness. You have a right to be respected in your choice.

Communication: Conversation with your practitioner during a session depends on your need to talk. We will try to accommodate your wishes. Relaxing music will also be provided to aid relaxation. Please feel comfortable giving feedback to your practitioner.

Oil: Oil or lotions may be used whenever there is skin contact. All oil or lotions used are hypo-allergenic. If you have concerns of an allergic reaction please let us know.

Post-Treatment: After you leave you may be feeling more relaxed, free from chronic aches and have new energy. Occasionally you might feel lethargic, sore or even have an emotional reaction. These are all normal post treatment reactions. Remember to drink plenty of water after each treatment to ensure maximum recuperation.


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How to Prepare

        Drink plenty of water that day, but do not over do it. Take care of your thirst.

        Take a warm (not hot) shower or bath.

        No perfumes please. Deodorant is fine. (Some clients have sensitivities, and perfumes can linger for a long time.)

        Eat something light just before, like fruit, or natural snack bar.

        Dress comfortable, choose loose fitting clothing, and bring a warm sweater for after (you sometimes get cool afterwards).

        Remove your watch, all jewelry, and especially any metal objects contacting your skin.

        Tie long hair back, and use minimal or no makeup.

        Get into a relaxed, open state of mind. Take time to relax or meditate before your session.

        If itís your first session arrive 15-30min early for consultation and form filling. This extra time is free, and doesnít take away from your session time.

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